ILO Conventions

MLC, 2006 Resolution VIII

Posted 3rd August 2020


Resolution Concerning Seafarers’ Welfare

The General Conference of the International Labour Organization,
Having adopted the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006,
Recalling the resolution concerning seafarers’ welfare adopted by the 29th Session of the Joint Maritime Commission,
Mindful that the core mandate of the Organization is to promote decent working and living conditions and that seafarers’ welfare facilities are important in this regard,
Considering that, given the global nature of the shipping industry, seafarers need special protection and that the provision of and access to seafarers’ welfare facilities is important in this regard,
Noting that, because of the structural changes in the industry, seafarers have fewer opportunities to go ashore and, as a consequence, welfare facilities and services for seafarers are needed more than at any time,
Recognizing the vital role of the voluntary organizations and their expertise in providing welfare facilities,
Noting also that the new security regime and the denial of shore leave mean that seafarers may not be able to take advantage of welfare facilities provided for them in ports,
Noting further that the port facilities in certain countries are making excessive charges or imposing unreasonable procedures in order for seafarers to leave the ship and visit welfare facilities provided for them in ports,
Recognizing also that many governments rely solely on voluntary or charitable organizations and in many cases transfer their responsibilities to regional/local governmental bodies in order to maintain such welfare facilities and services for seafarers;
Requests the Governing Body of the International Labour Office to invite the Director-General to take all necessary measures to strongly encourage member States to ensure that seafarers on ships in their ports are able to secure access to seafarers’ welfare facilities,
Requests also that the Director-General propose to the Governing Body to convene a tripartite meeting of experts to examine the provision of and difficulties in securing access to seafarers’ welfare facilities.