Support & Administration

Support & Administration

Posted 3rd August 2020

Our programme is all about encouraging and helping maritime states to set up seafarers’ welfare boards at a national level and/or at a local or regional level, which we call a Port Welfare Committee (PWC).

Welfare Boards are not too difficult to organise and maintain if they are set up correctly with the appropriate personnel and documentation in place from the outset. Fortunately, MNWB has a wealth of experience in setting up and operating Port Welfare Committees and National Seafarers’ Welfare Boards, and is standing by to help states and/or ports establish their own Welfare Boards.

Although the project has limited resources, ISWAN is able to assist chosen maritime states and/or ports with; Funding Support, Documentation (templates to customise) and all important Training & Mentoring; all of which can be tailored to meet local needs. As a result it is recommended that as many different personnel as possible submit an ‘expression of interest’ to participate in the IPWP programme to stand the best possible chance of selection to participate in this important seafarers’ welfare project.

If you are interested in becoming involved in this seafarers’ welfare IPWP programme it is strongly recommended that you contact us now.