About Port Visitor

Many ports around the world support seafarers by providing access to welfare services and facilities. This is a real lifeline for those working at sea who may need help, advice or someone to talk to. However, access to information is not always easy to find.

For seafarers - Port Visitor provides a searchable directory to find port based welfare services and facilities worldwide. It also allows seafarers to review and provide feedback on services and facilities.

For PWC's, Ports and Organisations - Port Visitor provides a platform to centralise, publish and share up to date port welfare information such as ship visitor information, points of interest and Seafarers' Centre details. This information feeds into the main directory for seafarers to access. The platform also provides rating and reporting functionality to assist with monitoring and improving port facilities.

As a central resource for the maritime sector, the Port Visitor dashboard provides a way to organise Welfare Boards and Port Welfare Committees (PWCs), we have also created a knowledge base to provide specific guidance where no WB or PWC exist. This contributes to the provision and monitoring of port welfare resources under the guidance set out by ILO MLC 2006.

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Container ship moored to the dock. The back of the ship is open, there are three crew wearing hard hats next to the ship.

Port Visitor supports front line welfare providers, helps port communities review and report on services, collates feedback and ultimately provides seafarers with the information necessary to enhance their quality of life

Introduction to Port Visitor

Port Visitor is a collaborative platform for welfare services in the maritime industry. Ports and related organisations can publish up-to-date information for visiting seafarers. They can also co-ordinate resources to create Port Welfare Committees.

Visitors to a port can search the directory, review and provide feedback on services and facilities. This helps create a positive and collaborative environment, and ensure that seafarers worldwide receive the support they deserve.

Ferry leaving a port with crane visible on the right of the frame. Early evening on calm sea.