Apply to become a Seafarers' Port Welfare Liaison

Are you concerned about ensuring the wellbeing of seafarers visiting your port? You could become a Seafarers’ Port Welfare Liaison (SPWL).

SPWLs are nominated by port owners or authorities to represent the interests of visiting seafarers. As a SPWL, you'll have the opportunity to gather information, share local knowledge, and support the creation of Welfare Boards in accordance with the International Labour Organization Maritime Labour Convention, 2006.

But it doesn't stop there - with the help of our innovative platform, Port Visitor, keeping track of welfare services and facilities has never been easier. SPWLs and Welfare Boards can use it to share up-to-date information and report on welfare facilities. Visitors can leave reviews and give feedback on port welfare services. This collaboration helps to create a culture of continuous improvement within port communities.

So, if you care about the welfare of seafarers visiting your port, why not take the next step and become a local SPWL? All you have to do is ask your port owner or authority to nominate you and then get in touch with us.

Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of seafarers.

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Group of seafarers welcoming a ship visitor on board. One of the seafarers is shaking hands with the visitor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a Seafarers’ Port Welfare Liaison?

Senior members of the maritime community, such as harbourmasters, port managers, local ship owners representatives, maritime union officials and senior port chaplains, can apply for this role. You will need to be nominated by port owners or authorities.

Will I get paid for this doing this role?

No. This is a part time voluntary role and as such SWPL’s are giving their time freely.

How much time will I need to commit?

It could be as little as a few hours a month or as much as you feel you are able to commit. All we ask is that you focus on the priority activities of gathering welfare information about your port and assist in the establishment of a welfare board.

Who can I contact to discuss the role in more detail?

If you want more information about the role, you can contact the Port Visitor team by clicking here.

Does my role continue once a welfare board is established?

That’s up to you! We would welcome your participation in the welfare board itself, to ensure that local welfare information is kept up to date.

How do I apply to become a Seafarers’ Port Welfare Liaison?

If you are a key member of the port community with a vested interest in seafarers’ welfare and would like to apply to become a local Seafarers’ Port Welfare Liaison (SPWL) please get your port owner or authority to nominate you and then get in touch with us.

Seafarers' Port Welfare Liaison

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