Wellbeing Training

Wellness at Sea

Good crew welfare is essential to the effective running of a ship – so it’s a vital component of effective maritime business.

Sailors’ Society’s innovative Wellness at Sea coaching programme empowers seafarers to look after their own well-being. It also aims to help companies maintain high levels of welfare, enabling them to achieve the best performance from their crew, particularly when they face difficult circumstances.

Sailors’ Society is at the forefront of seafarer wellness and has specifically designed a coaching programme to reflect the needs of seafarers and their employers by promoting cultural awareness, emotional intelligence, social skills and spiritual well-being alongside more familiar skills. This is delivered bespoke to meet the requirements of each company.


Sailors' Society - Wellness at Sea


The life of a seafarer is by no means easy as they face lengthy spells away from their families with limited communication opportunities whilst battling often challenging conditions. This can impact their wellbeing, resulting in feelings of anxiety, depression, and in worst cases, thoughts of suicide.

To combat this, we have launched the WeCare programme in partnership with UK P&I Club which aims to provide wellbeing training for seafarers to help them learn to cope with these situations better.

These courses are available free of charge to UK P&I Club members and are also available to non-members for a small donation. The programme consists of two courses –financial wellbeing and social wellbeing, delivered across workshops, seminars, and e-learning. The most popular of these courses was taken by over 6,000 seafarers or their family members in 2019 alone.


Mission to Seafarers - WeCare