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Union officials needed to further support seafarers’ welfare

The welfare of seafarers is of paramount importance to their union representatives who are needed on welfare boards at local, regional and national levels. Through active involvement, they can positively influence how port welfare services are developed, delivered and supported, in accordance with ILO MLC, 2006. Port Visitor enables maritime communities to publish and share “real time” port welfare information, review services and allow seafarers to provide feedback.
Unions and their affiliates, particularly ITF inspectors, can also volunteer to act as Seafarers’ Port Welfare Liaisons to provide key port welfare information to visiting seafarers.
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Port Visitor

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Why Port Visitor?

The International Labour Organisation’s Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (‘MLC 2006’) sets out seafarers’ rights to decent conditions of work and highlights the important role that welfare boards can play.

Also known as the Seafarers’ Bill of Rights, MLC 2006 recognises that seafarers are professionals and they are the lifeblood of the global economy, moving goods around the world to meet the needs of consumers and businesses. In fact, 90% of all goods are transported by sea. It is the most economic and environmentally friendly form of transportation, and highlights the crucial role of men and women who live and work at sea.

Port Visitor supports front line welfare providers, helps port communities review and report on services, collates feedback and ultimately provides seafarers with the information necessary to enhance their quality of life

Seafarers play a vital role in all our lives and they deserve recognition and support when they come into port. The ship is their home as well as their workplace and when in port they need a connection to their families, supplies, and a welcome break from being at sea. This is why we need to establish welfare boards in trade ports around the world. By doing so, we can change the face of seafaring for the better by ensuring good access to welfare facilities when seafarers and fishers are able to come ashore.

Welfare boards are essential to improving seafarer welfare globally and their formation is encouraged by the ILO. If you don’t already have a Seafarers’ Welfare Committee in port then bringing the maritime community together to form a Welfare Board or Port Welfare Committee is one of the best ways to improve the wellbeing of seafarers. So, join us and be part of a global welfare movement and change the face of seafaring for good.

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